4 reasons sharpening your tools is always better than replacing them 

replace or sharpen grooming tools

From grooming scissors and clipper blades to knives and industrial tools – keeping your blades razor-sharp is important – especially when using them professionally.  The best way to keep your tools in tip-top shape is to sharpen them. Many people replace their blades with new ones because they think they aren’t working anymore, but a […]

How to keep your dog grooming station tidy (and looking as good as your clients!)

Cute dog in a clean kennel.

As a dog groomer, keeping your workspace clean and tidy is one task that should be prioritized. With good organization, both you and your clients will benefit!   Dog groomers have a lot to think about. If it’s not a four-legged friend showing off their new skills in escapology, it’s an owner mixing up their appointment […]

How to become the ‘go-to’ groomer in your area

dog groomer happy dog

We all know that dog owners can be protective of their pooches, but when it comes to choosing a dog groomer, they can be especially picky! Competition in the dog grooming industry is stiff, with both small grooming businesses and larger franchises competing for market attention. If you want to stay ahead and be one […]

Things I wish I knew before becoming a dog groomer

A stubborn terrier getting groomed.

Being a dog groomer really does sound like a dream job. I mean, what’s not to love about getting to work with dogs all day? While most dog groomers will agree that working with man’s best friend on a daily basis is indeed a great career choice, a dog groomer’s job isn’t all nose boops […]

6 Reasons Why Your Clipper Blades Won’t Cut

dog grooming clipper blades dont cut

Have you ever noticed your clippers tugging or pulling hair instead of cutting when grooming your dog? Not only is your furry friend not enjoying their experience, it can be painful for them. If you’re unsure why the clippers aren’t cutting it can be stressful. We’ve all had this experience if we’re honest. So, what […]

Dog Grooming Clipper Blade Care & Maintenance

Andis 7FC Clipper Blade

Customers often ask if clipper blades can be sharpened or is it best to buy new ones? The answer is yes, and maybe! We see a lot of clipper blades in various states of repair and can often sharpen them to restore their longevity but sometimes it’s best to replace them. I’ll get into more […]

What are the best dog grooming scissors for my business?

best scissors for dog grooming

If you are looking for the best dog grooming scissors for your own dog or your grooming business, look no further. We get this question quite regularly and have written this post to help you make the best decision about which dog grooming scissor to purchase. Before you read further I’d like to point out […]

Scissor Care & Maintenance: Should I Pay a Professional?

scissor care dog drooming

What is involved in the professional care and maintenance of a pair of grooming scissors? Do I need pay to have my scissors maintained professionally or can I do it myself? I’m glad you asked! I want to show you a pair of scissors that came to my shop because they were no longer cutting. […]

#1 Reason Why You Need to Repair & Maintain Your Pet Dryer

blaster pet dryer clean and ready to go!

UPDATED: JULY 6TH 2022 Welcome to the blog! In this first post I am hoping that the information here will be useful to you in your pet grooming business or if you groom your pet at home. In order to get this party started, (because hasn’t every day of 2020 been a party?) I thought […]