The Role Of Sharpening Services In Helping Your Dog Grooming Business Thrive 

benefits of sharpening services for dog groomers (1)

If you own a dog grooming business or are thinking of starting one, you first need to consider your grooming tools. After all, the quality of your service directly depends on the tools you use. As fellow dog enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we understand that running a thriving dog grooming business takes more than just a […]

Cutting Edge Connections: Why A Good Relationship With Your Tool Sharpener Is Vital

This image shows a dog and a woman that has a good relationship with tool sharpener.

Having sharp and well-maintained tools is important for professionals in various fields. Whether you’re a chef, dog groomer, or hairdresser, the quality of your tools can greatly impact your work. That’s why building a strong relationship with your tool sharpener is a real game-changer. In this blog, we’ll explore why having a solid connection with […]

4 Reasons To Choose Leading Edge As Your Tool Sharpener

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From pet groomers and hair stylists to butchers – maintaining your tools is essential for the quality of your work.  Grooming scissors, shears, knives and industrial tools all need blade sharpening. It’s the best way to keep your equipment in top condition after all.  But to get the most out of a regular blade sharpening, […]

What are the best dog grooming scissors for my business?

fluffer 7” 40 piano teeth grooming shear flipping capabilities

If you are looking for the best dog grooming scissors for your own dog or your grooming business, look no further. We get this question quite regularly and have written this post to help you make the best decision about which dog grooming scissor to purchase. Before you read further I’d like to point out […]

Why Is It Important to Have Backup Blades & Equipment? 

backup blades and equipment

Whether you’re a pet groomer, hair stylist, or butcher, maintaining the tools of your trade is important – especially when you’re using them on a daily basis. From grooming scissors and shears to industrial tools, blade sharpening is the best way to keep your equipment ready to go, day after day.   Caring for your blades […]