10” Straight Scissor: Offset Handset, Reduce Grooming Time


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Upgrade your pet’s grooming routine with our high-quality 10″ scissors. Handmade from sturdy 440C Japanese stainless steel, these scissors promise excellent quality and durability. Expect clean, precise cuts that won’t harm or split hair, ensuring a neat trim every time.

Designed for efficiency, these long, straight scissors reduce grooming time, making the process quicker and smoother for you and your pet. They’re easy to handle, simplifying your pet’s grooming routine. The adjustable inset tension screw conveniently allows you to tighten or separate blades, making maintenance a breeze.


  • Brand: Leading Edge Sharpening
  • Color: Classic Silver
  • Style: Straight Length: 10″
  • Handle Material: 440C Japanese Stainless Steel.

Key Benefits: Lengthy design for a faster grooming process and straightforward use.


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Product description

10” Straight Scissor: Offset Handset, Reduce Grooming Time

This 10″ straight scissor is handmade from 440C Japanese stainless steel. With this superior craftsmanship, you can expect exceptional quality and long-lasting durability. The sharp stainless steel blade guarantees clean and precise cuts, ensuring the hair remains undamaged and free from splits.

The impressive overall length of 10″ is designed to optimize cutting performance and reduce grooming time. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to handle and use during your pet’s grooming routine, providing maximum comfort and control. Whether you are a professional groomer or a pet owner, these scissors offer effortless maneuverability.

The adjustable inset tension screw is a convenient feature that allows for easy tightening or separating of the blades. This feature enables you to maintain the sharpness of the scissors by sharpening or cleaning the blades as needed. With this added functionality, you can ensure the scissors always deliver their best performance.

Enjoy the benefits of our high-quality scissors:

  1. Excellent quality and durability thanks to the 440C Japanese stainless steel construction.
  2. Clean and precise cuts that won’t damage or split the hair.
  3. Impressive 10″ overall length for enhanced cutting performance and reduced grooming time.
  4. Easy handling and usability, making them suitable for both professionals and pet owners.
  5. Adjustable inset tension screw for effortless tightening or separating of blades, allowing for easy maintenance and sharpening.

Experience the superior quality and functionality of our high-quality scissors, designed to elevate your pet grooming experience to new heights.


We are a pet grooming scissor distributor as well a professional pet groomer and professional sharpener and are confident in the quality of the products we supply and instil strict quality control of every product we sell.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality grooming tools for not only professional groomers and dog show breeders but also the home pet groomer.