Professional 9.5” Grooming Comb

Suitable for everyday pet and professional grooming.
High quality durable stainless steel.
Purchase includes plastic protective sleeve.

Pet Grooming Comb 9.5” Coarse/Fine, Pink Coloured



This grooming comb is the perfect tool for all breed grooming providing both coarse and fine pins in a total of 9.5” in length. The coarse pins provide easier combing abilities for difficult areas where hair may be knotted or dense. The fine pins provide for combing smooth and untangled areas.

Features Include:

Designed with durable coarse and fine pins.
Comb consists of 46 coarse pins & 22 fine pins.
Overall pin length is 1”.
Ideal grooming tool for dogs and cats of all sizes.
Durable stainless steel.
Flat spine to provide easy grip and enable comb to fit comfortably in the hand.
Lightweight – overall weight 1.2 oz.
Overall length 9.5”
Available in other colours – Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Gold

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