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Do you live in Edmonton and need reliable and professional sharpening services for your grooming scissors, chunkers, thinners or grooming clippers? How about culinary knives and large industrial blades that need professional attention?

Contact us today for all your sharpening needs.

About Us

For over 10 years, Leading Edge Sharpening has been providing professional sharpening services in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Sherry Kremer is a certified professional sharpener in Edmonton and also runs a dog grooming business so she knows exactly what dog groomers in Edmonton need to keep their tools razor sharp. If you'd like to know more about Sherry, she writes a blog to educates customers on the benefits of keep their grooming tools in tip top shape. You can also find out why she became a professional sharpener and why she loves the work she does.


We provide professional sharpening services for scissors, chunkers, thinners, clipper blades, chef knives, industry tools and more. If it has an edge we can sharpen it! Leading Edge Sharpening has two drop box locations in Edmonton and is located in St. Albert, just outside the city.

Sharpening FAQ for Edmonton Customers

You can either send your sharpening order in by mail or drop off your order at one of our two drop boxes in Edmonton. See the map below for our Edmonton locations.

large serrated knife – $12
cleaver – $10.00
filet knife – $10.00

Absolutely! You can drop off your tools at one of our two drop boxes located in Edmonton. Please see the Edmonton map below.

Between 1-3 business days via Expedited Service with Canada Post.


It depends on the type of scissor, but generally, around $15 – $20.

We offer a variety of sharpening services for industrial, groomers, and hairstylists so it depends on the type of scissor you need sharpened.

Here’s a basic list.

German bevel scissors – $15
Bevel Thinner – $15
Double Tooth Thinner – $20
Semi Convex/Convex Scissor – $20

You can find our entire Leading Edge scissor line at Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies, 10481 – 169 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

If you don’t find what you are looking for at this Edmonton location, please give us a call!

That depends on how often you’re using your scissors, clippers etc., but you’ll notice that they won’t cut as well once they start getting dull. I wouldn’t wait that long though, so if you can have two sets of your tools to rotate then you can always ensure one set stays sharp. That way you can drop off your dull set at one of our 2 dropbox locations in Edmonton and we’ll have them ready to be shipped between 3-5 business days.

Two Drop Boxes In Edmonton To Serve You Better

We have 2 dropbox locations within the Edmonton area with contactless pickup and drop off.

1. Copper Hollow,15918-121A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
2. Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies, 10481 - 169 Street, Edmonton, Alberta


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