Who is Sherry and How Did Leading Edge Sharpening Services Evolve?

From a dead end job in the Alberta government to fighting fires in Northern Alberta I decided to take a course in dog grooming that would change my life and my life’s work. This post will help you get to know me better and understand why I chose this line of work. And, you will meet my Dragons!


I was always the little girl who was a bit of a tomboy. I loved getting dirty and trying new things and for the most part I was a happy kid, But my world with my family changed at a young age when I lost my father. I was left with just my mother and myself.

I don’t remember much about him. I was only seven years old when he passed but I do remember he was a hard worker, a jovial man who loved his hunting trips. I believe I am a lot like my father…social, hard working and have no problem “going for it”.  Growing up with no siblings and a mother that was not the most encouraging (to say the least) I believe inspired me to strive for more, like my father.

After spending quite a few years in a dead end job working for the Alberta Government as an administrative clerk in Land Services I decided to make a move and work in the forestry sector. I went back to school and completed my education in Forestry Sciences and ended up working in a variety of positions ranging from fighting forest fires, road and cutblock layout/engineering and overseeing man-up crews for the fire operations in northern Alberta.

As much as enjoyed the jobs I held within the forestry sector I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to continue long term. I wanted to settle down and have a permanent home rather than travelling all over Alberta and British Columbia and living out of a duffel bag.

Why not try something I’m passionate about?

I’ve always loved animals…especially dogs. I was never allowed to have a pet of my own growing up (which now I firmly believe is such a positive experience for children). I made the bold decision to quit my job and enroll in a 16-week full time dog grooming program.

basil and sherry outside

That’s right…I was gonna be a dog groomer working from home.

My mother and a lot of friends at the time thought I lost my mind but the lack of support I received made me want to do it even more!

I have 2 words…NO REGRETS!

This was the beginning of me being an entrepreneur. This first business allowed me to work from home, raise my kids with the flexibility of choosing the hours I work. The best decision I ever made was following my passion and “going for it”. 

About 20 years into my pet grooming career I realized there was a real need for qualified and reliable sharpeners to service my equipment. Knowing that my tools needed to be in tip top shape to provide my clients the best results I was often frustrated and disappointed by the lack of quality workmanship provided by the professional sharpeners I used. The idea to become a sharpener myself was born.

I chose a basic course offered by the American Sharpening Institute in Minnesota which covered the essentials I needed to begin my path as a sharpener. Moving forward, Leading Edge Sharpening Services was born (April 2014). 

Starting a second business to coincide with my current grooming business definitely became a balancing act and a huge learning curve. As I began to build my sharpening business I quickly learned that my training in the art of sharpening will be ongoing as there’s always new techniques, equipment and products to learn about. 

In the years of operating my sharpening business I became involved in different online group forums as well try to attend at least one seminar annually to not only learn about what’s new in the industry but to also meet and network with my fellow sharpening colleagues worldwide.

With dedication, hard work and a passion to succeed as an entrepreneur my business evolved from a small little sharpening business to a business with a substantial client base, my own “Leading Edge” line of grooming tools, this website which includes a shop for my clients to view and purchase the required tools of their trade and now a brick and mortar location in St. Albert, Alberta!

I’ve built 2 businesses from ground zero and both have been quite successful (which I’m very thankful for). My success has proven to me that if you really want something bad enough…the hard work along the way is the most rewarding experience. I believe this has shown my kids that nothing is impossible…you just gotta go for it! 

I offer a mobile sharpening service at dog shows throughout Western Canada.

I bring all my equipment with me to provide this service to groomers and handlers on-site, finishing all the orders before the end of the show weekend. It’s a busy time and I absolutely love it! This service has become quite popular, I’ve attended up to 22 shows in one calendar year!) and have acquired many great clients and friends who I now call my dog show family.  

sherry and basil at the irish setter club 2nd place

In addition to mobile sharpening at the shows I started showing my first Irish Setter, Basil, who achieved a Grand Championship with the help and guidance of some wonderful people in the dog show community. I have since added a second “dragon” to the family…my Edna, Basil’s daughter (at the time of writing her gorgeous face is featured on the homepage of this site. 

Showing my dogs and enjoying them while in the ring has been very satisfying. I’m very fortunate to have my businesses align so well with my hobby of showing off my dogs as an “owner/handler/breeder”.  I look forward to continue showing Edna, watching her mature and having a blast in the show ring with her.

I still groom part time for my loyal long time pet clients and look forward to the ongoing learning of my trade and the continued success of Leading Edge Sharpening Services. 

Interested in seeing where/when we will be for on-site sharpening services? Check out out mobile calendar page on our website to see when we will be in your area.

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