4 Drop Box locations to serve you better

Where do I drop off my Sharpening order?

Leading Edge Sharpening Services has four drop box locations to serve you. For your convenience you can bring your order to our shop and deposit it in the after hours box located outside our shop at 24 Echo Avenue, Sturgeon County.

4 Locations to Serve You

    1. Leading Edge Sharpening Services, 24 Echo Avenue, Morinville, Alberta T8R 1P2
    2. Copper Hollow,15918-121A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
    3. Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies, 10481 – 169 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
    4. Morinville Agriblend Bag n Blok, 8702B -98 Street, Morinville, Alberta

Check the map below for locations and to get directions. If you have any other questions please refer to our Sharpening FAQ page.

Our Leading Edge Scissor Line in now available in store!

When you visit Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies to drop off your sharpening order you can now purchase our top of the line Leading Edge scissors.

Drop Off Sharpening Orders

Whether you drop off your sharpening order or ship it to us via mail, please include the shipping form below in your package. You can also pick one up an order form at any of our drop box locations.

When shipping by mail please ensure the contents of your package are secure and padded well. We also have forms available at all drop box locations. 

4 Easy steps to sending your sharpening order

  1. Download the shipping form below and write down the items you are shipping.
  2. Take a photo of the form and items for your records.
  3. Put the form in the envelope, taking note of our mailing address.
  4. Protect your items by wrapping them in newspaper, cloth or a bubble envelope if appropriate. Please write your return address on the envelope.


As soon as we receive your order we will take photos of the items and order form for our records.

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