About Sherry Kremer

Sherry Kremer offers professional sharpening services in Morinville, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton. She's also a dog groomer and salon owner.

In my first 10 years of owning a successful salon, I realized that maintenance of my equipment is crucial to putting out a successful product. In order to achieve this, I made the decision to become a certified professional sharpener. I am a graduate of the American Sharpening Institute of Minnesota which gave me the hands-on training needed to ensure success in the beauty/grooming sharpening & repair industry. 

Sherry Kremer in the shop.

Can you tell me about your professional sharpening services, Sherry?

I’m glad you asked!

I am professionally certified to offer sharpening services for groomers, hairstylists, and industry. I sharpen all the things!

To send in or drop off your sharpening order is easy!

Download the shipping form below, fill it out and include it in the package you prepare for either mail in or drop off service. Ensure the package is well padded to avoid knives or blades poking through.

ORDERS RECEIVED: Orders received are completed between 1 – 3 business days and will be shipped back Expedited Service with Canada Post.

ORDERS SHIPPED BACK: All orders shipped back are shipped with a signature requirement for the safety of the customer. Any orders of a minimum of $150 (before taxes) will be shipped back free of charge for Western Canada and $200 for Eastern Canada.


We are located approximately 10 minutes north of St. Albert, Alberta. We offer free pick up/drop off within Morinville and the St Albert area.  You can mail orders to

24 Echo Avenue

Sturgeon County, Alberta

T8R 1P2

We are proud to sell our own line of scissors and are approved distributors of Kenchii, ShowGear, Anvil, Wolff and Arnaff.  We are also a certified sharpener for Chris Christensen.

You can also check out our Sharpening FAQ page for more details.

Customer satisfaction is priority with Leading Edge Sharpening Services. That’s why we do our best to ensure minimal turnaround time for sharpening of your equipment. 


Attention Barber, Stylist and Groomer!
If you're looking for a professional and excellent way to sharpen your shears and tools, look for Sherry, She's certified and professional, she studied the proper way of sharpening beauty shears and grooming shears, she knows what shes doing. She is a groomer for so many years and she knows what a sharp shears should feels like. Highly recommended!

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