sharpening price list

Grooming ToolsPrice
Bevel Scissors$17.00
Ceramic Cutter Blade Sharpening$7.00
Metal Cutter Blade Sharpening$6.00
Clipper Blade (ceramic)$14.00
Clipper Blade (A5 Wide)$15.00
Clipper Blade (small animal)$12.00
Clipper Blade (large animal)$18.00
Clipper Inspection (General)$30.00
Clipper Repair$30/hr + parts
Double Tooth Thinner Sharpening$20.00
Metal Cutter Blade Sharpening$6.00
Metal Cutter Blade Sharpening (large Animal)$9.00
Nail Trimmers$5.00
Reconvexing/Corrective Sharpening$50.00
Semi Convex/Convex Scissor$20.00
Wahl Arco 5in1 (refurbished cutter)$15.00
Knife Sharpening Price
Chip Repair (Knives)$3.00
Cleaver Sharpening$20.00
Filet Knife$10.00
Food Processor Blade$12.00
Hunting Knife$8.00 & up
Scalloped Knife$12.00
Tip Repair starts at $5.00
Gut Hook$3
Knife Sharpening (under 6”)$5
Knife Sharpening (6” and over)$1.00/“
Hairstyling ToolsPrice
German Bevel Scissors$15.00
Bevel Thinner$15.00
Clipper Inspection (General)$25.00

Convex Scissors

Auger Blades$12.00
Chisel Sharpening$7.00
Food Processor Blade$12.00
Hedge Trimmer (electric)$25 and up
Hoe Sharpening$8.00
Ice Auger Blade (individual)$6.00
Large Ratcheting Lopper$20.00
Meat Grinder Blade$15.00
Mower Bladesstart at $10.00
Paper Cutter (15-20”)$20.00
Paper Cutter (under 15”)$15.00
Pinking Shears$15.00
Planer Blade (Double Sided)$2.50/inch
Planer Blade (Single Sided)$1.25/inch
Pruner (Large)$10.00
Pruner (Small)$5.00
Reel Mower Blade$40.00
Utility/Quilting Scissor$15.00
Utility/Quilting (extra long)$17.00

We Sharpen all the things!

Leading Edge Sharpening specializes in all types of sharpening for professional groomers, hairdressers, industry, chefs, hobby and home use. If you need scissor or blade sharpening services blade grinding or to sharpen lawn mower blades please refer to the list according to your industry or needs. If you don’t see your tool or item on the list let us know!

We also offer replacement parts for pet dryers and clippers.

4 Easy steps to sending your sharpening order

  1. Download the shipping form below and write down the items you are shipping.
  2. Take a photo of the form and items for your records.
  3. Put the form in the envelope, taking note of our mailing address.
  4. Protect your items by wrapping them in newspaper, cloth or a bubble envelope if appropriate. Don’t forget to write your return address on the envelope.


As soon as we receive your order we will take photos of the items and order form for our records.

Is your item not on the list?
Contact us to find out if we can help.

blade sharpening price list.

If you’re wondering about knife sharpening, how to sharpen a knife at home, or whether sharpening circular saw blades is even possible at home or cost effective to have it done professionally, please see our FAQ page or reach out to Sherry directly. She’ll take care of you! Sherry has been told she’s one of the best professional knife sharpeners in Canada. Check out the reviews!

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