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We Sharpen all the things!

We offer sharpening services for groomers, hairdressers, industry and residential too.

  • Groomers
  • Hairdressers
  • Industry
  • Knife Sharpening
Grooming ToolsPrice
Bevel Scissors$12.00
Bevel Thinner$15.00
Ceramic Cutter Blade Sharpening$6.50
Clipper Blade (ceramic)$13.00
Clipper Blade (A5 Wide)$15
Clipper Blade (small animal)$10.00
Clipper Blade (large animal)$17.00
Clipper Inspection (General)$25.00
Clipper Repair$30/hr + parts
Double Tooth Thinner Sharpening$20.00
Dryer Repair/Maintenance$60/hr
Large Animal Clipper Repair$45/hr + parts
Metal Cutter Blade Sharpening$5.00
Metal Cutter Blade Sharpening (large Animal)$8.50
Nail Trimmers$5.00
Reconvexing/Corrective Sharpening$45.00
Semi Convex/Convex Scissor$20.00
Wahl Arco 5 in1 (replace cutter)$16.00
Wahl Arco 5in1 (refurbish cutter)$12.00
Hairstyling ToolsPrice
German Bevel Scissors$15.00
Bevel Thinner$15.00
Clipper Inspection (General)$25.00

Convex Scissors

Auger Blades$12.00
Chisel Sharpening$7.00
Food Processor Blade$10.00
Hedge Trimmer (electric)$25 and up
Hoe Sharpening$5.00
Ice Auger Blade (individual)$6.00
Large Deck Mower Blade$25 and up
Large Ratcheting Lopper$20.00
Meat Grinder Blade$15.00
Mower Bladesstart at $10.00
Paper Cutter (15-20”)$20.00
Paper Cutter (under 15”)$15.00
Pinking Shears$15.00
Planer Blade (Double Sided)$2.50/inch
Planer Blade (Single Sided)$1.25/inch
Pruner (Large)$10.00
Pruner (Small)$5.00
Reel Mower Blade$35.00
Carbide Saw Blade up to 24 teeth$10.00
Carbide Saw Blade 25-40 teeth$15.00
Carbide Saw Blade 41-80 teeth$20.00
Carbide Saw Blade 81-100 teeth$25.00
Carbide Saw Blade 101-120 teeth$30.00
Carbide Saw Blade (15 inches +)$0.55/tooth
Steel Saw Blade (up to 8”)$10.00
Steel Saw Blade (over 8”)$15.00
Stump Grinding Teeth$8.00
Utility/Quilting Scissor$12.00
Knife Sharpening Price
Chip Repair (Knives)$3.00
Cleaver Sharpening$10.00
Filet Knife$10.00
Food Processor Blade$10.00
Hunting Knife$8.00
Ice Auger Blade (individual)$6.00
Large Serrated Knife$12.00

Scalloped Knife


Is your item not on the list?
Contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

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Leading Edge Sharpening has been specializing in the professional sharpening of clipper blades, scissors, saw blades etc., since 2014.

For a full list of the items we provide sharpening services for please refer to the list below. 

And in case you didn’t know, we also offer replacement and repair services too!