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Frequently Asked Questions

Sharpening faq

We get a lot of questions about our sharpening services and the products we sell. To keep it simple we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help. Please email Sherry if you need further information.

Yes. All order can sent to:

#30 55 Chevigny Street St Albert, Alberta  T8N 7L3

Download the shipping form.

Yes, any sharpening/service work can be dropped off at our shop either in person or via mail.  There is a drop box located on the property for after hours drop off. 

#30 55 Chevigny Street St Albert, Alberta  T8N 7L3

We also have drop box locations here:

Copper Hollow Enterprises
15918-121A Avenue, Edmonton

Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies
10481 – 169 Street, Edmonton

Morinville Agriblend Bag n Blok
8702B -98 Street, Morinville

We are not a mobile sharpener; however, we do attend many of the the dog shows as a vendor in Alberta, and some in B.C. & Saskatchewan.  We do all scissor and clipper blade sharpening onsite at the dog shows we attend.

Download the shipping form, print and fill it out. It will go into the package you send to us.

Download the shipping form.

Scissor cases for your scissors are fine. Blades should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper towel at the very least to ensure blades are protected. Also ensure package is secure and items inside do not move around. Pad the inside of package with either bubble wrap, paper towel or newspaper for added protection.

Please include the downloadable shipping form, snap a photo for your records to keep track of your order.

All orders shipped back are shipped with a signature requirement for the safety of the customer.

We try to minimize the turnaround time for orders. Once your order is received it generally takes between 2-5 business days to complete depending on how busy the shop is.  We will immediately ship it back to you by Courier or Expedited Service with Canada Post.

Yes! We have drop boxes that we check every Thursday. Make sure to download the order form to include in your package.


  •      Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies 10481 – 169 Street, Edmonton, AB
  •      Copper Hollow Enterprises  15922 – 121A Avenue, Edmonton, AB
  •      Bag ‘n Blok Agriblend  8702 – 98 Street Morinville, AB
  •      Old Shop – 24 Echo Avenue, Sturgeon County, Alberta (available 24hrs/7 days

Yes. We are located at:

#30 55 Chevigny Street St Albert, Alberta  T8N 7L3

We offer a variety of sharpening services for industrial, groomers, and hairstylists so it depends on the type of scissor you need sharpened.

Here’s a basic list.

  • Bevel scissor $20
  • Bevel Thinner – $23
  •  Double Tooth Thinner – $23
  • Semi Convex/Convex Scissor (Grooming) $23
  • Stylist Scissor $30-40

For a detailed list of pricing you can find out more here.

Well, that depends on the type of knife you need sharpened.

Here’s a basic list.

  • large serrated knife – $15 – $20
  • cleaver – $15
  • filet knife – $10
  • Chef Knife $10

For a detailed list of pricing you can find out more here.

Minimum orders of $150  from Western Canada (before taxes) will be shipped back free of charge

The minimum order for Eastern Canada is $200 to qualify for free shipping.

We have a long list!

all knives
grooming scissors/shears
clipper blades (regular and ceramic)
food processor blades
stylist scissors/shears
hedge trimmers
hunting knives
ice auger blades
meat grinder blades
paper cutters
pinking shears
serrated knives

…and more

Here’s the service price list for more information.

Yes, thinners/chunkers can easily be sharpened.

Yes, we have a large assortment of scissors, thinners, chunkers for both groomers and stylists.
The short answer is once every 1-2 years, but it depends on use.
If you’re a professional chef you’ll need to sharpen your knives more often than if you cook at home. The true test is to cut a tomato or a piece of paper. If the knife cuts easily your knife is still sharp. If there’s any drag or pull, it’s time for resharpening. Using  a knife sharpening stone, if used correctly in between professional sharpening appointments is a good way to keep a sharp edge.

Wipe scissors down with a soft cloth and apply a drop of scissor lubricant on both sides of the pivot point at the base of the blade of the scissor. 

Scissors require sharpening when a noticeable lack of cutting performance occurs.  Most times if hair is bending in the scissor it’s a good indicator it’s time to have your scissors sharpened.

That depends on how often you use them however some manufacturers recommend having your shears sharpened every three months.

We offer this service on some models.  Please contact us for a quote at 780-916-6309.

Usually but we are not taking new repairs at this time. We do however carry a good selection of dryer parts.  Feel free to contact us at 780-916-6309 for more information.

We are located in St. Albert, Alberta. 

#30 55 Chevigny Street St Albert, Alberta  T8N 7L3

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