7″ 21 Tooth Chunker: Left Handed, for Precision and Comfort

Superior quality left handed grooming chunker featuring high quality hand-forged stainless steel made from Japanese 440 C stainless steel. Features a semi-convex cutting blade to ensure maximum sharpness as well longevity in sharpness.

Brand: Leading Edge Sharpening
Colour: Silver
Shape: Straight, Chunker
Length: 7″
Handle material: Japanese 440C stainless steel.
Product benefits: Texture, thin, blend


Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

7″ 21 Tooth Chunker: Left Handed, for Precision and Comfort

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Product Description



  • Unrivaled Performance: Achieve clean, precise cuts without compromising your pet’s coat integrity.
  • Gentle Finish: Safeguard hair ends from damage or splitting, maintaining your pet’s coat health.
  • Versatile Functionality: Seamlessly transition between detailing, trimming, and thinning for a comprehensive grooming experience.
  • User-Centric Design: Designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, the ergonomic handle enhances your comfort during extended grooming sessions.
  • Professional-Grade: Ideal for both professional pet groomers and home enthusiasts, offering top-tier results every time.
  • Left-Handed Excellence: Crafted specifically for left-handed groomers, ensuring a perfect fit for your grooming needs.
  • Premium Material: Japanese 440C stainless steel guarantees longevity and precision, reflecting your commitment to quality.
  • Complete Package: This chunker comes with an adjustable tension knob, a permanent finger rest, and a leather case for convenient storage.






  • Semi-Convex Cutting Blade: Achieve unparalleled sharpness and long-lasting edge retention.


  • Quiet Precision: The innovative bumper silencer fosters a peaceful grooming atmosphere for noise-sensitive pets.


  • Adjustable Tension Screw: Tailor your grooming experience effortlessly, ensuring optimal blade performance and ease of maintenance.


  • Smooth Stainless Steel Blade: Glide through cuts with precision, leaving no room for hair pulling or discomfort.


  • Optimal Length: The 7″ chunker with 21 teeth grants superior control, perfect for advanced texturizing, thinning, and blending.


  • Ergonomic Design: The offset handle, with a shorter thumb handle, minimizes strain and fatigue, granting effortless maneuverability.


  • Lightweight: Effortlessly thin hair with a high thinning rate, thanks to the chunker’s lightweight construction.


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