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Keep your tools razor sharp with the best sharpener in Alberta.

Shop our exclusive line of Leading Edge scissors, shears and pet grooming tools and accessories today!

Professional Sharpening Services

Keep your grooming scissors, clipper blades, knives and industrial tools razor sharp with the best sharpening service in Alberta.

Professional Grooming tools & Accessories

Shop for Leading Edge sharpening brand scissors, shears, combs, brushes, refurbished clipper parts, pet grooming kits and more.

Mail In or Drop Off Your Sharpening Order

Drop off your sharpening order at one of four convenient drop box locations in and around Edmonton or mail in your order today!

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Trusted by professional pet groomers across Canada and the US.

The Leading Edge line of professional pet grooming tools is used by pet groomers across Canada and the US.

Our sharpening services are trusted by groomers, hair stylists, chefs, industry and hobbyists across Canada.


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