Professional Grooming Chunker: Black Titanium – 24 Tooth, 7.5″

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Professional Grooming Chunker: Black Titanium – 24 Tooth, 7.5″


Upgrade your grooming tools with our professional grooming chunker in black titanium. With 24 teeth and a durable black titanium coating, this chunker ensures precision and longevity for professional grooming results.

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Professional Grooming Chunker: Black Titanium – 24 Tooth, 7.5″

About this Product

This professional grooming chunker black titanium is designed for precision grooming. Featuring 24 teeth and crafted from durable black titanium-coated stainless steel, this 7.5” chunker ensures exceptional performance and longevity.


  • 24 teeth: Ideal for effortless blending and texturizing.
  • 7.5” length: Provides superior control and maneuverability.
  • Black titanium coating: Adds durability and a sleek finish.
  • Stainless steel: Ensures sharpness and longevity.
  • Ergonomic design: Offers comfort and reduces hand fatigue.


  • Effortless grooming: Perfect for achieving professional results.
  • Durable construction: Maintains sharpness for extended use.
  • Precision handling: Ergonomic design for comfort and control.
  • Versatile use: Suitable for various grooming techniques.
  • Stylish finish: Black titanium coating enhances aesthetics.

Tested For Quality And Sharpness

Each chunker undergoes rigorous testing for sharpness and quality. Includes an adjustment key and leather case for convenient storage. Ideal for professional and home pet groomers seeking quality and style.

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