Black Aluminum Pet Grooming Comb 7.5″


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Black Aluminum Pet Grooming Comb 7.5″

This grooming comb is the perfect tool for all breed grooming providing both coarse and fine pins in a total of 7.5” in length. The coarse pins provide easier combing abilities for difficult areas where hair may be knotted or dense. The fine pins provide for combing smooth and untangled areas.

The easiest way to keep your pet clean is to routinely brush and comb them at least once a week. Combing your pet weekly will ensure to get tangles out before they turn into large mats.  Weekly combing of your pet is also a great way to prevent an otherwise painful experience.

The coarse toothed side can be used to comb knotted fur and other sensitive areas, while the fine toothed side is suitable for comb the soft fur nearby eyes, ears and legs.

Comfortable and safe to use due to the rounded comb pin ends which are gentle to the skin. When using, this comb helps to keep your pet groomed as well massages for a healthy coat.  Prevents snagging and pet injury and helps to promote blood circulation.

This comb is smooth and durable and corrosion resistant.

Helps to remove dander & dirt trapped beneath fur.

Great for avoiding static electricity.

Helps to stimulate skin and hair follicles.

Suitable for cats and all short and long hair dogs.

Perfect for finishing and fluffing.

Lightweight for fatigue-free grooming.

Perfect for the professional as well the home pet groomer.

Features Include:

Designed with durable coarse and fine pins.
Comb consists of 26 coarse pins & 37 fine pins.
Overall pin length is 1”.
Ideal grooming tool for dogs and cats of all sizes.
Durable aluminum.
Flat spine to provide easy grip and enable comb to fit comfortable in the hand.
Lightweight – overall weight 2.3 oz.
Overall length 7.5”


We are a pet grooming scissor distributor as well a professional pet groomer and professional sharpener and are confident in the quality of the products we supply and instil strict quality control of every product we sell.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality grooming tools for not only professional groomers and dog show breeders but also the home pet groomer.