Andis Blade Drive Assembly Lever for Pet Clippers

Replacement blade drive lever for Andis pet grooming clippers.

Fits all compatible Andis clippers AG, AGC, AGCL, AGP, AGRC, Excel (SMC), PWRGRM, AGR, BGRC

Easy to install and makes huge difference in the performance of your clippers.


In stock

In stock

Andis Blade Drive Assembly Lever for Pet Clippers


The blade drive lever moves the cutter blade on your clippers when clipping your pets hair.  When the blade drive begins to wear out it may seem like the blades are “dragging” or snagging the hair.  This is due to the cutter blade not moving evenly along the deck/comb.


  • Blade drive levers should be changed out every 6-12 weeks for the professional groomer and less frequently for the DIY home pet groomer.


  • Always clip clean and mat free hair.


  • Dirty or matted hair will put more pressure on your clipper and will cause the blade drive lever to wear out more quickly.


  • Regular replacement of worn drive levers will help to prolong the life of the clipper as the clipper itself won’t have to work as hard.


  • Worn out blade drive levers can also put stress on the hinge of the clipper and decrease the hinge spring tension.


  • If clippers blades begin to “rattle” or  “chatter” or begin to sound loud, it may be time to change out the blade drive lever.


  • Clippers will run quieter with regularly replaced blade drive levers.


  • This is a wearable part and will require replacement as needed depending on amount of use.



Measures 3-1/2-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width by 1/2-inch height.