Andis Hinge Assembly for AGC and AGC2 Pet Clippers


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Andis Hinge Assembly for AGC and AGC2 Pet Clippers

Hinge Assembly for the Andis AGC/AGC2 Super 2 Speed Clipper.

This hinge assembly includes the blade lock (SKU #64537).

The hinge assembly holds the cutter of the clipper blade in place while the clipper blade cuts hair.

When the clipper blade is locked down on the clipper the vibration over time will cause wear to the sides of the hinge.  This wear will affect the performance of the clipper and the blade.

If you’re experiencing a “chattering” or “rattling” when using your clipper blades this could be an indicator that its time to change out your hinge assembly.

If the blade appears loose on the latch or hinge then the hinge assembly should be changed as it is possibly getting worn.

These hinges have springs underneath which secures the blade lock and keeps the clipper blade snuggly locked down when using.  Over time these springs do wear out and the blades will become more loose on the clipper.  If you experience this then its time to change out your hinge assembly.

Save time and money.  A worn out hinge assembly will require your clipper to work harder and will extend your work time to get the job done.  Changing the assembly out will put less stress on your clipper and will give you better and faster results in your grooms.

Fits Andis AGC/AGC2, Ultra Edge, BGC, Excel-SMC Clippers, Excel-SMC 5 Speed, Pulse ZR

Hinge and Latch/Assembly for select Andis Grooming Clippers.

Easy to install.

Screws not included.


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