Curved Chunker, Professional Dog Grooming, 26 Tooth, Designed for Blending Hair

Superior quality grooming chunker featuring high quality hand-forged stainless steel made from Japanese 440 C stainless steel.

Features a semi-convex cutting blade to ensure maximum sharpness as well longevity in sharpness.

Professional dog grooming chunker provides smooth and quiet cutting and is suitable for grooming both dogs and cats.


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

Curved Chunker, Professional Dog Grooming, 26 Tooth, Designed for Blending Hair

Product Description

26 Tooth Right Handed Curved Chunker For Pet Grooming


These pet grooming chunkers feature a durable bumper silencer between the handles which results in quiet grooming for your sensitive cat or dog.

These professional chunkers are a much more quiet alternative to noisy electric clippers for those pets who might be noise sensitive.

Adjustable internal tension dial to easily enable to tighten or separate blades for sharpening and cleaning

Sharp high quality stainless steel blade to cut clean and precisely without pulling the pets hair.

Great for advanced texturizing, thinning and blending.

These chunkers have an overall length of 7.5” featuring 26 teeth for maximum blending performance.

The length of these chunkers are perfect for the novice groomer allows for maximum control.

Designed not leave marks or damage pets hair.

Excellent quality hand made of 440C Japanese stainless steel.

Smooth & sharp blade with hand-sharpened teeth to evenly trim pet’s hair with ease.

Will not damage or split pets hair ends.

Blade perfect for detailing, trimming, thinning without pulling or catching fur.

Each chunker is fully tested by our professional sharpener to ensure sharpness and quality before shipping.

Multi-functional and designed for the trimming, thinning and blending of pets hair.

Easy to handle and use with your pets grooming.

Chunker features a shorter thumb handle than finger handle which reduces over extension of thumb and wrist motion which in turn will help to reduce fatigue in the hand and wrist.

This offset handle is perfect ergonomically and very easy to use.

Lightweight which allows for high thinning rate.

These pet grooming chunkers are right handed, durable and sharp.

Perfect for all grooming levels.

Features include;

26 tooth right handed curved chunker for pet grooming.

Japanese 440C stainless steel.

7.5″ overall length.

Right handed.

Used for dogs and cats.

Features an offset handset with adjustable inset tension screw and one permanent finger rest.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Ideal grooming tool for the grooming needs of the professional pet groomer as well the home groomer.

Professional pet grooming product.

Includes leather case.

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