H-42 Clipper Blade Brush for Cleaning Clippers/Blades


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In stock

H-42 Clipper Blade Brush for Cleaning Clippers/Blades

Product Description

H-42 blade brushes are perfect for removing residual hair and debris from the teeth of you clipper blades without causing any damage to your expensive clipper blades.


Easily remove any loose hair and debris with these dense all natural horse hair bristles.  Sturdy enough to clean hard-to-reach areas yet extremely soft to leave fine metal blades undamaged.


It is essential that clipper blades be cleaned and oiled as this will directly affect the life of your blades and the life of your actual clipper which is a more costly piece of equipment.   Proper care will help keep your clipper blades sharper for longer and will dramatically reduce wear and tear on your clipper.  The more debris caught up between the teeth of the deck of your clipper blades, the harder your clipper will have to work to get the job done.


Made of real horse hair which makes it easy to get debris cleaned out narrow clipper blade teeth.


Wooden contoured handle brush makes it easy to grasp and the black horse hair bristles make it easy to remove debris from your blades.


Blade cleaning brush is natural, non-toxic which makes it safe for your blades.


Lightweight and comfortable to use.


Aids in maintenance and made to clean and extend the life of your clippers and blades.


Use to clean hair from all types/styles of clippers, clipper parts, and blades.


This premium brush is a favorite and should be included in every pet groomers, barbers and stylists kits.

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