4Pc Pet Grooming Kit incl Comb, Diamond Bit, Oil

Discover the exceptional features of our scissors, showcasing a dazzling rainbow titanium finish and a precision gemstone tension dial.

Tailored for grooming enthusiasts of all levels, these scissors offer an ideal combination of style and functionality. The grooming comb, measuring 9.5″ in length, serves as the perfect tool for comprehensive breed grooming, featuring both coarse and fine pins.

Coarse pins effortlessly handle challenging, knotted areas, while fine pins ensure smooth combing through untangled sections. Our diamond Dremel bits provide a gentle alternative for pets sensitive to nail trims, and our specialized scissor oil guarantees the care and maintenance needed to preserve your scissors for years to come.


Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

4Pc Pet Grooming Kit incl Comb, Diamond Bit, Oil


Pet Grooming Kit – featuring rainbow titanium finish with gemstone tension dial.

This kit includes the following:


  • 8” rainbow titanium straight scissor
  • 8” rainbow titanium curve scissor
  • 46 tooth thinner with an overall length of 7”
  • 24 tooth chunker with an overall length of 7.5″
  • Offset handset with a permanent finger rest for maximum comfort
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and less wrist fatigue
  • External gemstone tension dial for easy adjustment of preferred tension
  • Rainbow titanium finish
  • Semi convex edge which helps to provide effortless blending abilities
  • Japanese 440C stainless steel
  • Right handed


  • 9.5″ Purple 80/20 Comb
  • Exceptional quality

Dremel Bit

This diamond Dremel bit features a 2 in 1 dual grit for both nail grinding and polishing. 80 grit exterior & 120 grit concave centre for final nail polishing. High quality diamond nail grinding tool for the professional as well the home groomer. Safe to use.

Scissor Oil Lubricant

The scissor oil lubricant will help with the care and maintenance of all your scissors.

Your purchase includes a leather case.