Hand Stripping Knife Set 6.25” Fine, Medium & Coarse Rhanded


This professional stripping knife set is great for maintaining overall body/jacket and furnishings. Used to remove excess/dead undercoat and final finishing to assist with the look you want. The stainless steel blade extends through the entire length of knife giving maximun strength and durability. Black wooden handle with two rivets for added durability. Professional stripping knife designed for the grooming professional as well the pet owner.

Features Include:

Set includes a Fine, medium & coarse stripping knife.
Fine stripping knife has 19 finely spaced teeth.
Medium stripping knife has 15 spaced teeth.
Coarse stripping knife has 11 coarse spaced teeth.
Stripping knife length 6.25”.
Right handed.
Stainless steel blade.
Beautifully crafted black wooden handle.
Easy grip handle.
Dual Rivets for added durability.
Exceptional quality.


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