Motor Carbon Brush Set for Pet Grooming Blasters


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In stock

Motor Carbon Brush Set for Pet Grooming Blasters


Motor Carbon brush set (set of 2) ABC-3.

Replacement brushes for pet dryers/blasters.

Replace your pet dryer brushes regularly to maintain peak performance.

Replacing brushes can fix an intermittent motor.

If your dryer/blaster brushes display signs of breakage, crumbling, has a "burning" odour or seems to have lost power this could be an indication that brushes need replacing.

When the carbon brushes are completely worn the motor of your unit will begin to underperform before completely failing.  Continuing to run a motor with worn carbon brushes can result in extensive damage to the motor.

When motor brushes become worn, the motor will begin to spark more and the electrical contact may become incomplete.

A carbon brush is a sliding contact used in brushed motors to transport an electrical current from a static to a revolving part while ensuring a spark free commutation.

Carbon brushes will on average last anywhere between 1 – 5 years in most units. This is all dependant on how much they are used in number of hours.  The more daily use the unit has the quicker it will wear over a certain period of time.

These carbon brush set is retractable and easy to install.

When installing carbon brushes ensure the carbon brushes are fully inserted and kept straight.

High quality replacement carbon brush set for use in the following models;

Metro Blaster

Master Blaster

Double K® Model 2000AD

Double K 2000XL,

Double K 850XL

Extreme pet dryers

K-9 II and K-9 III

K-9 Fluffer

Mini K-9 dryer