Scissor Oil Care Lubricant for Grooming Stylist Barber Hairstylist 10ml (0.34 oz)


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Scissor Oil Care Lubricant for Grooming Stylist Barber Hairstylist 10ml (0.34 oz)

This scissor lubricant is designed to clean and lubricate the pivot area of all types of scissors.

This lubricant is specially formulated to wash away dirt and debris from under the pivot and leaves a waxy coating to enhance the ease of opening and closing the scissor.

Wax-based lubricant for scissors is essential to maintain scissor health and the life of your scissor.

Oil-based lubricants will trap dust, debris, and hair particles thus clogging up the pivot.

Lubricates scissor for smooth scissor action.

Effective on all scissor types.

Needle tip oil dispenser for scissor care & maintenance.

A small drop on the pivot point of your scissors is all you need.

Only require a very small amount of the scissor lubricant – a little goes a long way.

Unlike oils this lubricant deters buildup of hair in pivot point of scissors.

Easy to squeeze.

Needle tip allows for precise application in small pivot point area of scissors.

Any excess lubricant that is exposed to air will evaporate.

This product will help with the care and maintenance of all your scissors.

Inhibits chance of rust forming on pivot with regular maintenance.

Scissors should be lubricated after every use to keep them in perfect shape.

Wipe scissors down with a soft cloth after using, apply a small drop on the pivot and then wipe off any excess with soft cloth.

Semi transparent bottle.

10ml bottle scissor care lubricant.

Package includes 1 x 10ml bottle with protective cover.

Also sold in a 30ml bottle.


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