Soft Silicone Scissor Ring Inserts For Scissors – Asstd Colours, 3 Pack


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Get better grip and control of your scissors with these silicone ring inserts made of soft rubber designed to make the finger and thumb fit more comfortably in the scissor and prevent slipping.



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Product description

Soft Silicone Scissor Ring Inserts For Scissors – Asstd Colours, 3 Pack
  • Reduce the pressure between fingers and the scissors during long cutting sessions
  • Scissor finger rings fits well with most scissors and is very simple and easy to install
  • Comfortable to wear and helps prevent painful calluses
  • Helps to better control scissors, reducing time spent grooming
  • Helps to have more control of the scissor with less chance of dropping the scissor
  • Scissor finger inserts increases friction and reduces finger rubbing caused by using scissors
  • Very flexible but sturdy enough with minimal chance of falling out of place
  • Easy to install
  • Adds a splash of colour to your scissors which can make them more easily identifiable
  • Suitable for pet grooming and stylist scissors
  • Wear resistant and not easily deformed or damaged
  • Perfect for every type of groomer from the professional as well home groomers

Many available colour variations available.

Features include

  • Durable soft rubber silicone
  • Suitable for all scissor sizes
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Package includes 6 pieces. Set includes an assortment of 3 sets of inserts in various colours and sizes
  • Dimensions are 0.80″- 0.90″ wide measured inside of ring, 0.50″ high
  • Shape is round with added grip area on thumb ring


We are a pet grooming scissor distributor as well a professional pet groomer and professional sharpener and are confident in the quality of the products we supply and instil strict quality control of every product we sell.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality grooming tools for not only professional groomers and dog show breeders but also the home pet groomer.