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4 reasons sharpening your tools is always better than replacing them 

replace or sharpen grooming tools
Sharpening tools is always better.

From grooming scissors and clipper blades to knives and industrial tools – keeping your blades razor-sharp is important – especially when using them professionally. 

The best way to keep your tools in tip-top shape is to sharpen them. Many people replace their blades with new ones because they think they aren’t working anymore, but a lot of the time, the tools are fine. They just need a little TLC.

In fact, learning to identify when a blade needs to be sharpened rather than replaced comes with many great benefits. 

The benefits of sharpening blades over replacing them

Below, we’ve shared our top 4 reasons why getting your tools sharpened by an expert is the smart choice. 

  1. Save money 

Everyone loves to save money because, let’s be honest, it feels great!  

When you choose to have your tools sharpened rather than replaced, it’s the perfect opportunity to save some dollars. 

Without regular sharpening, your tools will be strained and at a higher risk of breaking and replacing tools can be hard on your pocket. But, when you care for your tools, you won’t have to replace them as often. In fact, well-cared-for tools can last for years and years.

When you sharpen your tools, you can enjoy an affordable service that keeps your blades in excellent condition.

  1. Save time

Along with saving you money, blade sharpening can also save you valuable time. Dull blades lead to longer grooming sessions because they operate much slower.

Getting your cutting tools sharpened will allow them to cut more accurately and quickly. This will save you time and increase the number of pets you get through daily. 

With blade sharpening, you also don’t have to worry about the time-consuming task of researching new tools to buy. And there’s no testing, trialling and learning how to use new tools. All in all, you have more time to focus on doing what you do best. 

  1. Keep your trusty old favorites & make your services more reliable

Another reason sharpening your tools is always better than replacing them is that you get to stick with your trusty old favorites.  

The blades you’re using are reliable, effective, and never fail to get the job done, so it only makes sense to hang on to them for as long as possible. 

Getting the hang of new tools can be tricky and can affect the quality of your work in the meantime. It could even take weeks before you feel fully confident in using them. 

On the other hand, being familiar and comfortable with your tools is the key to keeping your business running efficiently.

  1. Better for the environment

Getting your tools sharpened doesn’t just have big benefits for you. It’s also the friendlier choice for the environment.

Just think about how much extra waste there would be worldwide if we all just started throwing away knives, scissors, saws, and clippers every few months to buy new ones. 

When you invest in good quality tools and have them sharpened regularly, you can get years of use out of the same tools before they wear down. 

To truly care for the environment, keep an eye out for signs of dullness as they appear. This way, you can take care of the problem before it begins to damage your tools permanently.

4 reasons to sharpen tools instead of replacing.

Extra benefits of blade sharpening: 

  • Sharpened blades are safer to use – When using sharp tools like knives and clippers, your risk of having an accident isn’t as likely. Dull blades require more force, increasing the chance of slippage. Sharpened tools provide a better grip, ensuring you work quickly and comfortably without injury.
  • Reduced risk of damage: If you let a blade increase in dullness over time, there’s a greater chance of it becoming bent or broken. By getting your blade sharpened at the first sign of dullness, you protect its structural integrity, and you won’t have to replace it as often. 
  • Better quality of work: Although you may get away with working with a dull blade for a short while, it’ll eventually show up in the quality of your work. If you’re working with blades professionally, this can damage your reputation and lead to missed opportunities or the loss of customers. 

From saving you time and money to helping you hang onto your favorite tools – we hope this blog has helped you understand the many benefits of tool sharpening. 

Tool sharpening services with Leading Edge Sharpening

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable sharpening service, then we’d love to help. 

Whether you’re a dog groomer, hairdresser, chef, industry professional or have some items that need sharpening, Leading Edge Sharpening is the tool sharpening service for you. 

We’re proud to service the whole of Canada with a mail-in service. We also offer four separate dropbox locations where you can safely drop off your items. We’ll return your tools to you sharpened and in excellent condition. 

Leading Edge Sharpening was founded by professional dog groomer and salon owner Sherry Kremer. During her 20-year career as a dog groomer, Sherry realized the important role of well-maintained grooming equipment in providing a high-quality service. Because of this, Sherry decided to become a certified professional sharpener.

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with Sherry today.

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