6 Reasons Why My Clipper Blades Won’t Cut

6 Reasons Why My Clipper Blades Won't Cut 1

When grooming your pet, have you ever noticed the clippers tugging on or pulling the hair instead of cutting? Not only is your furry friend not enjoying their experience, it can be painful for them. It can be a stressful time for you as well if you’re unsure why your clipper blades are pulling instead […]

Dog Grooming Clipper Blade Care & Maintenance

5 in 1 Clipper Blade

Customers often ask if clipper blades can be sharpened or is it best to buy new ones? The answer is yes, and maybe! We see a lot of clipper blades in various states of repair and can often sharpen them to restore their longevity but sometimes it’s best to replace them. I’ll get into more […]

Scissor Care & Maintenance: Should I Pay a Professional?

scissor care and maintenance

What is involved in the professional care and maintenance of a pair of grooming scissors? Is it easy to do? Do I need pay to have my scissors maintained professionally or can I do it myself? I’m glad you asked! I want to show you a pair of scissors that came to my shop because […]

#1 Reason Why You Need to Repair & Maintain Your Pet Dryer

Pet Dryer Repair - before

Welcome to the blog! In this first post I am hoping that the information here will be useful to you in your pet grooming business. In order to get this party started, (because hasn’t every day of 2020 been a party?) I thought I’d start with a situation that came into my shop the other […]